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Why You Should Use Linklytics Link Shortener to Create an Instagram Bio Link

The link shortener that will boost your social profiles.

Instagram is a popular social networking platform where people share their photos of special moments in their lives. Hence, you need to create an interesting profile on Instagram, to get a large number of followers. If you want to promote your business online, this platform serves the best for reaching the audience of the maximum number. However, you should choose the best Instagram bio link to place within your profile created for this social media site.

Linklytics link shortener offers the convenience to customize the web link that you have chosen to put in your Instagram profile. You can avail of the benefits available from this useful link management software that can help you in using your Instagram bio link for promotional purposes. 

  • Option for changing URL easily – Now, you do not bother to change your Instagram bio link for redirecting the URL for a new campaign. Linklytics allows changing the URL anytime within this software, saving you the hassle of putting in a new web link in your Instagram profile description. 
  • The convenience of tracking the clicks – The success of a web link in a marketing campaign depends on the number of times it has been clicked and viewed by the audience. The latest technology of Linklytics helps in readily tracking all the clicks on your Instagram bio link. Thus, it is simpler for you to get an estimate of the number of viewers of your promotional URL with the help of this management tool.
  • Easiness in shortening and branding the link – Usually, many link shortener tools make the links so cryptic that it becomes hard for viewers to read the web content. So, Linklytics has ensured to provide the best visibility while shortening the web link on your Instagram profile. You can select any web domain for customizing your Instagram link, as this software tool is compatible everywhere. Thus, you can expect better results from your online campaigns as you can decide the UTM parameters of this customized Instagram link.
  • Easy redirection to other URLs on any device – The performance of your online campaigns can be incredibly improved with the help of the Linklytics link management tool. It helps you to redirect your Instagram bio link to other URLs, for better promotion of your campaigns. OS redirects City targeting, and Country redirects are some useful features offered by Linklytics that will help in redirecting URLs irrespective of the type of devices or operating systems.

Therefore, the Linklytics tool shortener can be your best aid in managing the web link on your Instagram profile, in boosting all types of online campaigns.

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