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How To Use Cuttly

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Links are the last thing required for any business. It becomes ugly to have a long URL. However, for any business, there is a need to connect to a brand image that is well-crafted and beautiful. In such situations, Cuttly, the URL shortener services are helpful. The URL shortener services take characters up to 50, 100 and 200, and shortens it to an eye-pleasing and more palatable URL appearing in a standard format.

What does cuttly offer?

Cuttly is a huge marketing tool featuring an advanced tracking URLs system and custom domains without any hidden charges. Cuttly is for free offering unlimited access to their features. There is no affiliate partnership and it has its presence on the platform with an eco-friendly hosting company.

The Cuttly app is an on-demand system and is simple. The customers need not wait to browse a long list of providers to select. Using Cuttly is possible depending on the GPS location to look for job requests and to send to a location nearby, such that the transaction completes within hours.

What are the most important features of Cuttly?

  • Cuttly offers all you want. It is free is the biggest advantage and it features a clean, easy to use, and straightforward feature.
  • You can change the URL after the backslash and domain extension as you can customize the link back half.
  • Use your domain for links. If it is not clear and there is a limit to the number of domains to use, you can have multiple domains as branded and custom domains.
  • The links perform relying on the total clicks, clicks source, browser information, device information, and geographic location. you can get to know the performance through link statistics.

What are the benefits of Cuttly?

The biggest benefit of using Cuttly is that you can have a short link that looks clean and neat. It is easy to communicate and also to enter error-free.

A shorter URL is safe as they are vulnerable to scanning. Having a short URL is suitable for many users as it allows using the links quickly. There is no need to organize or track them once it is created.

The short URL makes more revenue on its main site from Google ads. Being an open-source tool, it offers the code. However, you have the benefit that you need not pay anyone for shortening the links. This tool is simple for anyone to create their first campaign.

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