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Now Inside the Hootsuite Dashboard

How To Use Owly

Shorten links, measure traffic, and demonstrate social ROI right inside the Hootsuite dashboard.

Owly (Ow.ly) is now available in the Hootsuite dashboard. Since the Ow.ly link is in the Hootsuite dashboard it is 100% secured. Apart from link shortening, this dashboard measures the traffic received and demonstrates social ROI right. One can access the dashboard just by signing up for a free account with Hootsuite. Being a user-friendly platform, it is very easy and simple to shorten links and track the clicks on this dashboard. Hootsuite offers a free version that provides unlimited access to the Owly link shortener. Those who want more amazing features may get upgraded to any one of the paid plans. Hootsuite enables the clients to manage all their social accounts in one place. Today, Hootsuite is one of the most popular platforms for social media management and apart from managing all social media accounts, clients can schedule their messages in advance and track the important conversations. Above all, they can use Ow.ly link shortener free of charge.

Why Hootsuite is the best platform for social media management?

Hootsuite enables its users to schedule their posts in advance. This a great relief especially during hectic times. Users can closely monitor and manage all messages they receive across their social networks without any hassle. The team members are very prompt in responding to queries. The amazing features of the platform help the users to create quality content very quickly and thereby save a considerable amount of time. Those who use Owly are sure to find the creation of content much easier. Also, they can easily curate their content, schedule the post and publish it. The content reaches all their audiences from the same dashboard.

Hootsuite helps clients to create highly powerful content. They can use the Composer to create highly engaging posts. Clients get access to asset libraries, image editing, and video publishing which is frictionless. The video publisher will automatically adjust bitrate, width, and height so as to meet all network requirements. Owly enables the users to maintain a strong social presence and to have maximum engagement by scheduling their posts automatically using the Auto Scheduler.

Hootsuite ensures brand protection. By way of ensuring posts of excellent quality, this dashboard helps reduce risk. Since content needs to be reviewed by stakeholders prior to publishing, Hootsuite provides an easy-to-use approval process. Owly helps the users to source the best quality content from wherever available and also to post content instantly from other websites. The Hootlet extension feature enables instant posting of content from any website without logging into the social accounts of the users.

Clients can make their customers happier

Hootsuite helps improve the quality of customer service by way of tracking and analyzing the team metrics of clients. It will optimize response and resolution times for messages that come on social media.

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