Advanced Link Management Tool

Manage all your links for campaigns, communication, social and more in one powerful tool.

Custom Short Links

Select free or custom domains, set UTM parameters, and create your own custom back-half per campaign.

Bundle Campaign Links

Tag your campaign links with "Spaces" and create an easy overview of all links for yourself and your team.

Custom Domains

Create your campaign links with custom domains. Brand your campaign URLs and increase CTRs.

Improve the ROI of your campaigns instantly

Get More Clicks

Branded links receive 35% more clicks than unbranded links in campaigns & messaging.

Automate Everything

Use the Linklytics API to create links on the fly with our powerful developer API.

Never lose clicks on your campaign links

Edit Any Link

Linklytics allows you to edit all your shortened links, which means you never have to swap a link in your messages.

Redirect Customization

You can redirect users based on Geo, City, OS, or rotate between different URLs, fully editable at any moment.

Boost your campaigns with branded links