What is a Branded Link?

As technology grows so are the challenges that do as well for businesses around the world. Marketing their products and services has become easier but often requires some sort of innovation from the business owner to make them effective and unique by all means.

One such innovation that has come about in recent times is the use of a shortened or branded link. It is said to be one of the most successful ways in which your brand can go about letting customers come to your website or business with relative ease.

Branded Link Explained

Almost anyone associated with internet marketing would know the use of a shortened URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and its advantages. In simpler terms, the shortened URL would still direct your potential customers to the desired page which might have a long URL.

However, the branded link is something similar but is one that is built usually around a related term of your brand. It can also be a company name or the brand name that provides a direction to the desired site but with better results than the longer or traditional URL.

Any part of information, content, or a link that you wish to share with your potential customers can be done with a branded link. This is often shorter than your regular URL by all means which makes it very effective in terms of marketing efforts that you take up.

In simpler terms, an essentially short and new URL would direct people to the old URL that was a lot longer and difficult to remember. There are many service providers on the internet that allow you to create branded URLs for free like Linklytics upon signup.

Unique Advantages

There are many salient advantages that come with the use of branded links. These advantages that come along with branded links are what makes them popular and widely used among many businesses around the world.

The unique advantages are as follows:

  • They Are Easier to Remember, Share, and Understand
  • It Has a Uniqueness About Them
  • It Adds Credibility Than
  • Generic Looking URLs
  • They Are Easier to Create
  • The appearance of Your Link Is Enhanced
  • Help Improve Search Rankings of Your Website

These advantages help your business reach out to your potential customers better when you are running a marketing campaign. Branded links can be used on emails, SMS messages, and on any other platforms including social media and other messaging platforms.


Boost your campaigns with branded links