Bitly URL Shortener Tool

A URL shortener built with powerful tools to help you grow and protect your brand.

How To Use Bitly

The link shortener that has your brand’s back.

In the busy lives today, users try various ways to go for shortcuts and enjoy using shortcuts even in URLs. One such online service is the Bitly app that permits its users to use complicated URLs and to shorten long URLs. The users can copy, save and share effortlessly on different social media platforms their favorite links. They can also share it across other channels or save it across the web. It has no restriction to posting characters like Twitter. With Bitly’s you can replace any complicated and long link short.

What is it useful for?

Bitly app is a platform for link management. It allows you to harness the power of your links by sharing, shortening, analyzing, and managing your content. The number of links created is in billions every year and the users are in millions. The users include small and big businesses, individuals to Fortune companies.

Salient Features of Bitly

  • Brand and shorten the links you share
  • Collect insights based on the performance
  • Measure in one location the campaign performance
  • Optimize the efforts of marketing
  • Bring together audience intelligence
  • Track analytics of each link
  • Give context to click

What are the Bitly benefits?

The Bitly benefits are its value for money, customizations, and ease of use. Here are the details:

Customize URL

Customizing URLs is possible for users by using Bitly service. The shortening of the URL allows you to customize letters and numbers. It offers a personalized appeal. It also becomes valuable for business marketing and branding.

Free Service

One of the remarkable benefits is that Bitly is free for everyone. You just have to sign up to receive the service. Once you sign in you can copy and paste the URLs, regardless of their length, and get its shorter version that is comfortable to share with others.

Tracking link performance

Users, using this solution can now track the performance of the link with use. You may also monitor the incoming traffic through your link and get the bar graph view of Bitly to get a quick idea of the performance.

Valuable analytics tool

Bitly provides its uses up-to-date stories, information, and trends, appealing to readers. Bitly has unique features to offer analytics tools and the software is supportive to help the users filter stories by topic, language, social platform, and area. Each created link by Bitly features an analytics page that accessing the metrics is possible. The links ensure easy identification of touchpoints, besides the links are HTTPS encrypted.

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