Create Smart, Branded Links

Linklytics is an industry-leading branded link management tool that elevates your brand campaigns & URL tracking.

Boost Your Brand

Highlight your brand with every click on every URL. No more obscure short URLs from Bitly, Twitter or TinyUrl. Inspire your customers with your own branded links.

Increase Performance

Besides the increase in performance by using a branded link, you can use Linklytics across your organization to measure and track campaign performance & engagement.

Better Control

Use Linklytics to gain full control over your URL and where it redirects to, with features such as OS redirects, Country redirects, City targeting and many more.

Create your own custom branded links for your business

Your own domains

Brand your links with your own domains and increase your click-through rate by up to 35% more.

Create aliases

There's no need for hard to remember links when you can personalize your links with easy to remember custom aliases

Smart solutions that advance your link management

Smart device redirects

One link to redirect users based on their OS. Centralize all your tracking & link analytics and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Secure important links

Secure your links with passwords and expiration dates to enable optimal link security when needed.

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What our Customers have to say

Linklytics is trusted by big and small businesses from more than 23 different countries.

Bram de Groote

The ability to use one link in my app marketing and direct users based on the OS is amazing. No more hassles duplicating campaigns for Android & iOS.

Emilano Sorivob

Great way to create quick short links while keeping my brand at focus. Adding my own branded domain took 5 minutes and i can edit it entirely, which is great.

Jonathan Miller

I can easily track all stats on my links that I post on social media. I can see whether they are organic or via via social platform they come in. Super easy!

About Linklytics

Linklytics is an industry-leading branded links shortening tool that allows you to effectively manage all your links, track your campaigns across multiple channels, and much more. You can instantly improve your campaign results by using branded links in your messaging. You can create a free account, select one of the available domains provided by Linklytics, and start immediately.

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