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How To Use Tinycc

The link shortener that has your brand’s back.

Tinycc (tiny.cc) enables the users to create branded short URLs for affordable prices. Thousands of online marketers the world over enjoy using the custom URL shortener of Tinycc for their e-marketing campaigns. Tinycc assures the user’s immense possibilities to boost their brand image. Tinycc is known for its excellent customer service. This URL shortener has many amazing features. Tinycc provides links that are the most user-friendly. The short links provided by Tinycc are 100% free of mistakes and the links are effective and powerful in real-life situations. Tinycc ensures the safe publishing of your posts by real-time link editing. After publishing also the link can be changed. Even during the campaign, one can update a default destination. The URLs can be modified anytime. Users of Tinycc links will never come across with problems such as their customized link is taken already. Users of Tinycc links are never limited by other users thanks to Tinycc’s private hash space. This will enable the users to optimize their links with the custom keywords. Ultimately, they can increase CTR.

Social media monitoring

Users of Tinycc can make use of the social media monitoring dashboard and know what is talked about their brand on the online venues. This information helps them fine-tune their marketing strategy. The dashboard gives alerts about brand monitoring events so that the users can prioritize their actions to protect the image of their company. The dashboard is very fast and easy to use. The folders and tags provided by the dashboard facilitate perfectly organized campaigns. The dashboard makes custom reports available just within a few seconds. The import and export tools enable users to migrate links into this platform or out of the platform anytime with no restrictions whatsoever.

Many exciting features

Tinycc is known for its numerous features that are really exciting. The “Redirect” feature has dynamic landing pages and offers responsive targeting in terms of country, language, device, browser, number of clicks, and number of unique visits. It schedules targets by time, date, and URL slug.

The “Develop” feature enables users to build tools and workflows of their own. The endpoints are full-featured. Tinycc connects their system to the systems of the users.
The “Track” feature shows total clicks and also the date of creation of the link. Users have to log in to view 100% private click stats.

Tinycc can manage multiple users and its authorization policies are based on granular action. Under White labeling, one can use his/her own logo and own color scheme.
Under the “Monitor” feature 404 broken links, link health, and URL limits bar are included.

Good news for those who use Google Analytics

Tinycc users who use Google Analytics on their websites can merge them with Tinycc. As a result, they can analyze branded short link activity just inside their Google Analytics account. Then they can use the API for sharing data with other applications, for custom displays, and for automating complex reporting tasks.

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