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How To Use BLINK

Go beyond the brand and track every engagement, safeguard your data, and create confidence in every click.

As a link shortening service Blink ( ensures perfect and creative control over the link. By way of providing a short link Blink assures the users more flexibility and control. The users will find these short links very convenient and comfortable. Link management by BLINK is highly efficient and apart from providing short links they manage and monitor each click. Also, those who use the Blink short links can edit all details including multiple brands and keywords whenever needed. In the case of web analytics, only what it finds is measured and the users sometimes find it too difficult to access the key metrics. Here, BLINK really makes the difference. Blink will show the users what really happens irrespective of where it happens. Blink, apart from managing and monitoring, measures every point that the user touches during his/her activity. Blink ensures seamless and transparent scalability which is very important. The scalability provided by Blink will ensure support to the entire organization from teams scattered all over the world.

Unique aspects of BLINK

Link shortening service by Blink is very effective in ensuring data privacy, control, and security. As a result, the users of Blink short links can have peace of mind. This is a great advantage for business organizations that are more concerned about security. Blink never compromises on functionality and convenience of using. Those who rely on the Blink platform can easily overcome the toughest challenges that they face to standardize, streamline and automate the links.

Blink provides able and timely assistance to the users. The service agreements with Blink assure to meet the actual needs of users and provide the best solutions to their problems. The most amazing aspect of Blink link shortening service is the friendly approach and prompt service. They properly understand the actual needs of the users.

Blink for Enterprise

Blink provides their service with a commitment to enable their clients to achieve success. The admin is quite simple and provides multiple access levels and controls. Blink link management service provides better privacy and security. The robust data provided by Blink facilitate deeper insights. The API connectors provided by Blink enable native connections with different systems. Blink has a unified linking strategy and brings together the agencies, teams, and campaigns. Blink link management service leverages any domain name. It leverages domain names like .brand names and nTLDs like .news, .live, .social and more.

What do the actual users say about Blink?

Users of Blink agree that with the help of Blink they could track and analyze their social media engagement in a better way. Users also admit that the service team of Blink is very much helpful and accommodating. They get a prompt response to all their queries. Blink offers a 21-day free trial for each plan which provides the users the opportunity to know about all the features and the various options.

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