Why use short links for SMS?

It is imperative that a business uses all the available resources to promote its products or services. This is one of the ways they can stay in the industry, be competitive, attract more customers, and retain the existing ones.
With the technology that is made available to them, they choose to use both online and offline methods to reach their customers. Although SMS messages are considered traditional ways of communication one has to agree that they still work.

Apart from using SMS messages for marketing people also choose to use it for keeping in touch with customers. They use it to let customers know of new offers, products, services, discounts, make announcements, and even send greetings.

We look at the role the short links play with businesses when they choose to connect with customers through SMS messages. These unique advantages make them virtually irreplaceable for most businesses.

Fewer Characters

An SMS (Short Message Service) allows up to 160 characters per message sent to anyone. Although modern networks allow up to 1600 characters businesses are aware that customers prefer to read messages that are short.

Therefore, any promotion, offer, discount, or other announcements would be better if they are below 160 characters. Using short links for SMS would be able to fulfill this with relative ease. You can pack a message with a short link for customers to follow from an SMS.

Easy to Remember

Short links that are sent through an SMS is easier to remember for anyone who is reading it. The customer who actually looks at the short link can remember it and use it even if they wish to use it at a later point.

Easier Access to Target URL

Any URL that is shortened and sent through SMS is easier to access for the person reading it. Therefore, the person sending it has a higher click rate that directly sends them to the desired page of the sender.

Added Credibility

Moreover, when you shorten your URL and make it a branded link you add more credibility. This means that the person reading it is often likely to click on the link and follow it rather than ignoring the message completely.

Research and analysis show that the conversion rate for shortened and branded links on SMS is higher than any other alternative option available. This makes more people to use them as it is productive, efficient, and easy to create or execute.


Boost your SMS campaigns with short links