Rebrandly Branded Link Management

Rebrandly is the industry-leading link management platform to brand, track and share short URLs using a custom domain name.

How To Use Rebrandly

The complete platform to brand and manage links.

There are different ways of saying anything. You can take the long and ugly style or keep it short and cute. Keeping it cute and simple is the preference, and this includes shortening URLs, as well.

Rebrandly app is a branded/custom link builder that helps companies, individuals, and organizations in creating and distributing short branded links. The URL tools used for shortening are of high merit as it allows creating easily multiple domains. The software used for URL shortening offers the facility of traffic routing and tracks link retargeting activities. Rebrandly comes with a UTM builder.

What are UTM and its advantage?

A UTM represents Urchin Traffic Monitor. These are the shortcode snippets added to a URL at the end. The UTM parameters added to the links help in tracking information of a referring domain, where it comes from, and what they clicked to come here. You get to know where the traffic is from, the messages they are working on. The UTM parameters after URL append helps in sorting out in Google Analytics your stats or in using to measure website performance and digital marketing.

What is best about Rebrandly?

The outstanding feature of the Rebrandly app is that it has a powerful ability in its software to edit a created link. Its incredible function allows preventing errors while creating URLs as a process. The customer service is impressive as they resolve and clarify your doubts. It is user-friendly that the system is effective and fast. It promotes better work and assures more answers to solve the inconveniences. There is more information to promote the support processes and moreover there is no need for any technical expertise. It is an awesome interface to shorten links.

Rebrandly Benefits

  • Rebrandly supplies the simplest and quickest way of distributing, building, and managing branded links. It offers a platform to organizations, companies, and individuals to shorten and brand the links by incorporating a specific domain name as per their preference.
  • With Rebrandly, your business credibility increases. People trust links bearing your service or brand name than some boring, long links, that are hard to remember. When your business has branded links, the click-through rate increases than using the generic URLs. It is the reason now many brand ambassadors, international companies, and influencers are using branded links than the generic ones.
  • Using branded links helps in marketing your service or business easily. It is easy to pronounce, memorable, and customizable. With a branded link, individuals and companies bolster their brand visibility and this cultivates trust.

Boost your campaigns with branded links