How do I shorten a URL for Free?

Ever since URL shorteners were invented in 2002, they have grown in popularity. These days you can see that most businesses that run a marketing campaign that is online or offline choose to use either a shortened URL or a branded link that is shortened.

This is due to the superlative advantages that they have over the traditional URLs that we are accustomed to. Undoubtedly, this revelation has caused many businesses to embrace shortened URLs for their business activities, marketing, promotions, and other needs.

URL Shortening Service Providers

There are hundreds of URL shortening service providers that are available on the internet who are ready to provide you with their services. However, there are a few that provide you with a complete package including both branded and shortened URLs for free.

One of the top ones among the lot is Linklytics which you can choose to use for your business. We look at the process that is involved with Linklytics when it comes to shortening any URL that you might have for your business or personal needs.

By using Linklytics you would begin to understand that you do not have to be technically sound to shorten a URL. Basic understanding of how computers and internetwork would be more than sufficient for anyone as you may see below.

Process of Shortening

You would be surprised to know that there is no specific expertise required to shorten URLs or create a branded link. Websites such as Linklytics allow you to do it with relative ease and without having to break a sweat.

Below are the steps that you would have to follow with Linklytics to create a shortened URL for free.

  1. Go to Linklytics
  2. Click on register
  3. Create an account
  4. Verify account
  5. Copy the URL that you want to shorten
  6. Paste it in the box provided after you login
  7. Click on shorten

Once you go through this process a shortened link would be generated and displayed on the dashboard of Linklytics. You can copy the link and use it for all purposes on different platforms for any legitimate purposes that you may have.


As you may have read creating, tracking, and obtaining reports on your shortened URL or branded link can be easy with Linklytics. A sign up on this site and you would be ready to go in a matter of minutes with your shortened URL or branded link.

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