Advanced Link Management

Manage and create your links at scale with a few clicks.


Linklytics comes packed with features that help you manage & track all links you post anywhere. We offer advanced link management with all plans. Unlock more features with any of our affordable paid plans.

Short Links

Turn long links into short customizable links with aliases.

Unbranded Links

Use the standard domains provided with Linklytics account.

Branded Links

Connect your domain and create branded links.

Custom Back-Halfs

Customize the back-half for every link you create.

Track Clicks

Unlimited click tracking available for every plan.


Group your links into different campaigns with Spaces.


Track every click and report on more than 20 data points.

Geo Targeting

Apply geo-targeting to your links and redirect users based on location.

OS Targeting

Target users based on the devices they use and apply redirects per OS.

Mobile Deep Links

Send users to a specific screen/action in your mobile app.

Link Rotation

Rotate multiple link destinations behind a single link.

Link Passwords

Protect a link with a unique password and protect the link destination.

Link Deactivation

Stop, pause & reactivate links at any time for any of your links.

Bulk Links

Create multiple links in one go via the dashboard or our developer API.

Edit Link Destinations

Edit your link destination at any moment for any of your links.

QR Codes

QR codes are generated for every link you create on Linklytics.

UTM Builder

Create UTM tags for your link directly in the dashboard.


Use the same settings often? Save them as your account preferences.

Boost your campaigns with branded links