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Use of Linklytics Link Shortener to Create a Twitter Bio Link

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When you create your profile or biography on Twitter, it should contain a brief introduction to your personal and professional life. You may add a relevant web link to your Twitter profile to make it more informative for readers who may get knowledge about you from that link. However, only one Twitter bio link is added in the profile of a member, which needs to be changed if you want to add a different web link to your Twitter biography. 

Now, the Linklytics link shortener is an effective link management tool that can help you in solving all problems that you face regarding the inclusion of the most suitable URL in your Twitter bio. There are a few notable advantages of using the Linklytics link shortener in handling your Twitter bio link that you should not ignore.

  • No need to change web link in Twitter bio – Linklytics link shortener allows you to change the URL in your Twitter bio within this software tool. But you do not need to change your Twitter bio link to start a social or commercial campaign with the help of that web link. So it lessens your headache of changing the link in your Twitter profile frequently, for various promotional causes. 
  • Easiness in tracking all clicks – You are notified by Linklytics whenever anyone clicks on the given web link on your Twitter profile. So you can have an idea of how many people have viewed your profile and checked the bio link. Thus, you can use this link shortener software for measuring the success of your campaign through your Twitter bio link. In this way, you can enhance the Click Through Rate (CTR) of your online campaign. 
  • Customize the link to create your own brand – Linklytics helps you to edit the shortened web link introduced in your Twitter biography. You can customize the link on any selected web domain and set your own Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters for tracking your online marketing campaigns. You may also customize this link according to the brand of your promotional campaign.
  • Redirect to other URLs on different devices – You can gain better control over the performance of your Twitter bio link. You are free to direct this link to other URLs on different devices or operating systems. Linklytics offers various features, like OS redirects, for controlling the web link included in your Twitter profile.

Hence, Linklytics link shortener has gained popularity among numerous Twitter members, who want to use their accounts on this social media site for marketing campaigns.

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