Simplify app downloads with one link to all app stores

Every app marketer or app owner has had this before, communicating the links to your apps on the app stores. With your app available on multiple stores, you always have to communicate multiple URL’s, one to the Apple app store, one to the Google play store and perhaps even more for Windows and/or Amazon.

With the Linklytics device & operating source smart redirects, you can use one link and redirect all your users based on which device they are using. An android user will be sent to the Google play store, an iPhone user will be sent to the Apple app store.What’s even better, you can track every single click on your one link and even Geo redirect users. Have a Spanish version of your app, send you Spanish iOS users to your Spanish app on the Apple app store.

One Link, One QR Code

With one link, comes one QR code as well. Use the generated QR code and enjoy the same functionality as your one link would have. QR codes can easily be used on product packaging, in-store signs and much more.

You can create a free account on Linklytics or discover one of our affordable paid plans. Combine the one link feature with our smart mobile deep links to send a user to a specific action inside your app.

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